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The High Impacts of CEREC Technology

The dental industry has many treatments to help patients with problems they might have with their oral health. Currently if you visit your dentist and have a procedure done such as a root canal, you will not feel a thing thanks to the technology that has revolutionized dental care. CEREC (chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics) technology has changed the course of the dentist industry, producing of dental crowns, veneers inlays and inlays is possible hence there are no close ended solutions to certain problems as it was there before.

Ceramic restoration happen at the treatment point when the patient is on the chair, this translates to quicker and convenient dental treatment. The procedure being done at the chair side has its advantages in that the dentist gets to attend to any issue that is a direct result of the main procedure. A lot of high tech procedures are involved when it comes to CEREC procedures, a combination of visible light scanning , digital radiographs, CT scans, 3d imaging , restoration manufacturing through CNC milling and finally 3D printing.

For any of the steps to materialize a dentist requires an intraoral camera that plays the image acquisition role , a designing unit and a three dimension printer which receives the designs from a designing unit. For a dentist who may lack certain units of a CEREC procedure, they can acquire the images and transmit the designs through a portal to a printing lab which then prints and delivers the restoration. Other materials used in restoration other than ceramic might take longer to construct and implant but with CEREC technology one only needs a single appointment and it’s done. Ceramic compared to metals has a more biocompatible aspect and has tooth like aesthetic qualities.

Another advantage of the CEREC procedures is that one does not need a lot of follow ups meaning that their compatibility is really high. Studies have shown that the ten year life span of CEREC inlays polished and manufactured by a computer are long-lasting compared to that of gold inlays. In this age where people tend to rely more on information that is verifiable by numbers, CEREC restorations will be a choice and preference of many especially with clinical studies showing it has a 95% success rate in nine years.

The fact that you only need one appointment to the dentist for a CEREC procedure means you save money compared to if you made several trips with traditional crowns restorations . Allergies make some people have some chills, metals make some certain people suffer allergies meaning that some people cannot have restorations from metals, CEREC restorations on the other hand are safe. To avoid your skull taking the full effect of cutting, drilling and grinding, the imaging that comes with CEREC technology produces accurate restoration meaning there will be less or no cutting at all

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